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bubblus comcept map

bubblus comcept map

For many of us, creating a word based outline to organize thoughts is far too tedious a process to be considered unless required. Don’t get me wrong, outlines are valuable organizational tool, and using a word processer makes them vastly easier to create then, shudder to think, than paper and pencil. But using color coded, a linked text bubble in an online dynamic environment is way neat. You can even “dial a friend” and collaborate in a joint effort. Once completed, your concept map can be exported as an image or posted onto websites with an embed code.

How to use

1. Click on the “start bubble”> type in your text

2. New Parent Bubble>Click on the icon to the right of the test you just entered

3. New Sibling Bubble>below the text box>click on the icon in the bottom middle

4. Change bubble color> below the text box>click on the icon in the bottom left

5. Moving a bubble>above the text box>click and drag the left most icon

6. Deleting a bubble>above the text box>click the “x” in the right most corner.

7. Arrowed lined connection>below the text box>click and drag the bottom right icon to another bubble.

8. Adding Friends>friends tab on upper right>select from friends list or click to invite a friend via email

9. Exporting>menu button on bottom right>export>choose your format key key is a simple, quick to learn program. Its simplicity combined with its collaborative feature make it a winner. Oh, I neglected to mention that it’s free…ah the beauty of it all.


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